I’m not sure when it all started…

Was it when I bought my first tarot deck way back when? Or was it when I could feel stress levels from other people in a work meeting? Maybe it was when I found my tarot deck again from my dad’s spring cleaning exercise, or after I picked up a copy of Modern Magick and tried out the exercises?

I believe I was born with abilities, but had very little awareness of them. I mean, I could feel stress levels in meetings way before I could read cards. And I had a negative feeling when my husband (then boyfriend) left for a business trip and got into a traffic accident during the trip.

The most obvious moment for me was when I started to practise card reading for complete strangers on the Internet, and all the feedback came back really positive. If there ever was a stronger message from the universe, I’ve not seen it. I started doing one reading a day since October 2018, and have never looked back since.

Written by craftyfang
Tarot, oracle, pendulum reader, and Reiki practitioner. Based in Singapore.