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Estrella is welcoming and willing to share her knowledge and exercises. Before the session, she will inform what’s she going to do so you are informed. Then she took turns to heal the different body parts.

During the session, I felt hot sensation (heat) from the healing. She explained that areas which are hotter needed more energy to heal more (aka problematic areas). I have gastrointestinal issues since young and it was amazing when I felt pulsating waves when she was healing the area near my left abdomen.

At the end of the session, she highlighted areas where the chakra is not balanced, possible reasons and how to improve it. I find the assessment spot-on, am going to look at improving the chakra flow.

I had my session in the evening, I felt relax and tired at the end of it, and had a great sleep that night. It’s really amazing for someone who has trouble sleeping to be able to fall asleep easily and peacefully that night.

Written by craftyfang
Reiki practitioner. Based in Singapore.