Crafty Fang did an amazing job in reading the cards. Her reading was not only interpreting the meaning of each cards but also interpreting how it means in my life journey. At times, her reading sounded spookily close to the truth. I am indeed so amazed. What was meant to be just for fun turned out to be wonderfully revealing. She’s really got some talent here as if she is a seer from a fantasy book. One can draw the cards and read the guide book but Crafty Fang “read” bits of my life.

mamika on Carousell

Well, it’s my first time doing tarot reading and I saw this post and decided to give it a go. The seller is very informative and shared a lot about what I need to know based on the question I asked! Not only the seller does a breakdown of each and every card in great detail as some points are not clear, but the seller is kind and friendly and devoted to clearing my doubts. The reading is quite accurate to me and the seller let me know about what I should do to improve the situation!

buyerhere on Carousell

She is patient with her explanation. She also gave me guidance towards my spiritual journey as well. 🙏 Thank you! She pulled out two oracle cards for me that resonates with me. Those are things that I am also currently working towards, it gave me the affirmation. Thank you 🙏

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